About Me

Heya! Welcome to my website. Born and raised in Georgia, I've been doing this whole "life" thing for about 26 years now. I first found my passion for acting in high school theatre after an injured knee put basketball practice on hold for me. I remember the first time I ever entered the persona of a character, I felt I never wanted to leave. I had always wanted to get into voice acting but was unsure how to do so until I saw an online casting call during my final year of college. I went for it, and I'm fortunate to say I booked an extra and a couple minor roles right there to get my start. That was in 2016. Ever since then, I've been cultivating my craft, enhancing my home studio, and bringing in the work. With efficient communication and turnaround times, my warm-toned voice, and my raw, genuine energy, I work hard to stay true to my slogan "Breathing fire into every performance."

For my resume, please click the button below. For my studio specs and available services, please check out my Studio page. For booking and inquiries, please contact me directly.

Languages & Accents

-English (Fluent/Native)

-French (Conversational)


-American (Standard, New York, Southern)

-British (Standard, Cockney, Manchester, Northern Irish)




Video Games

Watercress Studios | Cautionary Tale | 2018


Watercress Studios | this was for you. | 2019

Friend 1

Maxi Molina | The Hayseed Knight | 2018

Angry Merchant

Maxi Molina | The Hayseed Knight | 2020

Beast Guard

Watercress Studios | Cautionary Tale | 2018

Club Owner

Audio Dramas

Riggstories | Copperheart | 2019-current

Jake Shiller

Red Fathom Entertainment | Cybernautica | 2020-current


Red Fathom Entertainment | Cybernautica | 2020-current


Good Pointe | Two Flat EArthers Kidnap a Free Mason | 2021


Training & Workshops

Robinson High School Theatre (2010-2011)

Sonny Strait - Private Voice Acting Lesson (2017)

Kira Buckland - VAC ADR Workshop (2018)

Steve Blum - Secrets to the Art of Voiceover (2019)

Chuck Huber - VO Master Class (2019)

Rachael Messer - Monster Voices Workshop! (2020)

Michael Schwalbe - Extreme Vocals for Extreme Roles (2020)

Special Skills
  • ADR

  • Monster/Creature Voices

  • Basic Mixing & Sound Design