About Me

Since 2020, Kenneth has worked with a variety of clients in both the creative and commercial markets, ranging from Let's Plays to medical instructional videos on post-op care. He has a proven track record of clear, effective communication and creative instincts. Dipping his toes into editing, mixing/sound design, graphic design, and basic animations, he is armed with experience in software across the board - the latest editions of Vegas Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Blender, the Adobe Creative Suite, and Reaper.

For my resume, please click the button below. For booking and inquiries, please contact me directly.

Video Essays

For Your Consideration - Amanda Hufford


Twitch Intro Video - Dungeons May Cry

Fortnite Stream Highlights - JB Coleman

Left4Dead2 Co-Op Gameplay - JB Coleman


Dragon City Sponsor Ad - JB Coleman

Personal Commissions

Animation VO Reel Video - Vikram Rajan

Commercial VO Reel Video - Patrick Mealey

Character VO Reel Video - Spencer Brus

Video Game VO Reel Video - Joe Cliff Thompson

Training & Workshops
  • Lindsay Marsh - Graphic Design Master Class (2021)

  • Andrew St. Pierre White - VIDEO EDITING. Techniques loved by Pro Broadcast Filmmakers (2021)

  • Phil Ebener - Da Vinci Resolve 15, 16, & 17 Complete Video Editing Course (2021)

Special Skills
  • Keyframing/Basic Animation

  • Project Management experience & skills

  • Familiarity with working alongside Marketing agencies

  • Basic Mixing & Sound Design

  • Graphic Design

  • UI Design

  • Videography

  • Photography

  • Familiarity with Lets Plays, Sponsor Advertisements, TikTok videos, Reactions, Instructional Videos, Twitch Gameplay Highlights, Skits, etc.